Why PoE LED Lighting, Luminetworx LED solution reduces energy consumption; it has a far smaller impact on the utility grid. 

Unlike solar panel installation, Luminetworx does not require approval from the energy company, which means no delays in delivering the solution.  And since it is a low voltage solution it is not limited by building code. 

PoE LED’s are energy efficient by themselves, made more so by a dedicated (low voltage) Luminetworx PoE switch.

PoE LED’s don’t flicker like CFL / Fluorescent.WHY POE LED Lighting

PoE LED’s provide a high quality of light. By providing a richer color spectrum, people gain visual perception. By providing a better quality of light, Luminetworx LED’s improve employee performance.

PoE LED’s work well in cold environments.

PoE LED’s operate cooler—saving air conditioning bills in the summer.

Many high quality LED’s come with extended warranties.  Luminetworx will include a no-hassle replacement warranty if the unit should fail prior to its rated life expectancy. 

LED energy consumption is linear—if you dim the light to 50%, the energy consumed drops a similar amount.  And when automating lighting to accommodate daylight harvesting, the reduced consumption can have even more dramatic cost savings. 

PoE Lighting converges the electric and communication control network onto a single infrastructure.

PoE Lighting provides clean, stable, reliable DC power—this reduces complexity and cost on light fixtures.

Ethernet is a global harmonized standard. Customers can use the same products anywhere on the planet. This greatly reduces inventory costs.

Unlike traditional premise lighting that may require redesign of the wiring circuitry and placement;  moving, adding and changing Luminetworx fixtures is as easy as installing a LAN cable and mounting/connecting the fixture.

PoE Lighting provides backup power via a UPS array for power outages and emergency lighting.

PoE switches can often measure current at each port—enabling automated trouble reporting while providing an estimate of the fault distance.

PoE LED’s and PoE switch behave like IT devices. They can be managed with existing IT tools and can easily be centrally managed to control multiple properties in locations anywhere in the world.  

Lights work with existing network management and energy monitoring tools.

By moving to LED’s and PoE, it’s possible to use small scale, on site renewable energy systems to power lights.

Customers will get better quality, value and performance for less money. For more information please contact us now.