Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat


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PoE Lighting UK brings you the ultimate smart thermostat. The Smart Thermostat is built for the Olympus™ building automation system. This commercial grade thermostat directly connects to the B.A.S with multi system connectivity, for example PoE lighting, BMS, HVAC and more.

The smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that automatically adjusts heating and cooling temperature settings in your home or office for optimal performance. Smart thermostats that use the Olympus B.A.S for automation are able to save on energy costs and with the built-in automation logic experience the most favorable environment in your space.

Thermostat features


  • Many smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences. Therefore establishing a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are asleep or away.
  • Geofencing allows your smart thermostat to know when you’re on the way home and automatically adjusts your home’s temperature to your liking.


  • Wi-Fi or ethernet enabled thermostats allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling remotely through your smartphone.
  • Smart thermostats quickly enter a low-power standby mode when inactive.


  • Smart thermostats provide equipment use and temperature data that you can track and manage.
  • Periodic software updates ensure your smart thermostat is using the latest algorithms and energy-saving features available.

The smart thermostat

can save you up to 26%on heating and cooling costs by changing your home’s temperature based on your routine and who’s home.

Unlock enhanced savings and comfort with the Olympus B.A.S software for our advanced smart thermostat.

  • Automatically turns down your temperature when nobody is home.
  • Learns your routine and recommends changes to your thermostat schedule for optimal energy savings.
  • Automatically heats or cools your home when electricity more affordable and cleaner.
  • Energy Reports, get a monthly savings reports.  You can compare your results to other homes in the area. It’s like an energy audit at no extra cost.
  • Multi unit smart thermostat works with RTU, Multi Stage, Oil and gas Boilers for both your home or commercial space.
  • In spaces with ventilation system, the thermostat uses outside air to cool down your home. Therefore it will not use the air conditioner when it recognizes the signs of evening temperature drops.
  • Compatible with HVAC accessories, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, HRVs, and ERVs. Allowing you ultimate control over your space’s comfort.
  • Takes indoor humidity levels into account to ensure your home is energy efficient and always feels like the temperature you’ve set, no matter the humidity.


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