PoE Street Light 12000 lumen 60 Watts

PoE Street Light 12000 lumen 60 Watts


poe street lights

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PoE Lighting Uk brings you the PoE Street Light 12000 lumen 60 Watts.

  • PoE LED solutions offer a high lumen output which aids in visibility where you need it most.
  • It is also a more efficient solution in terms of wattage and energy consumed which can save your business or city costs on utilities.
  • PoE LED offers an impressive color rendering index. This can be important for this type of lighting because a poor rendering will make it harder for the eye to pick up colors such as signs. They also offer a better color temperature. CCT can help you get the right temperature for drivers to help adjust their eyes safely. Whether you need a white temperature for your parking lot. For walkways to provide a safer feeling. Yellower color temperatures can help drivers reduce eye strain. PoE LED is the best solution for the job in this regard, allowing for greater control of the fixture.
  • PoE LED lighting is glare free which is especially important when lighting parking lots or areas near residential areas where light pollution can be a big concern.

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