PoE Lighting Smart Pole

PoE Lighting Smart Pole



The PoE Lighting Smart Pole, OutPOST  is elemental for any smart environment not because of what it does with light, but what it can do with the Internet of Things. Data is the life blood of today’s smart ecosystem delivered by the PoE Lighting Smart Pole. OutPOST Smart Poles are configured with LV’s proprietary dynamic duo of Luminetworx™ PoE and Olympus-BAS® Automation & Management System to collect and distribute vital information using a variety of integrated sensors and high-tech products.Designed and built with ease of installation and use in mind the PoE smart pole brings the best of IOT and the simplicity of PoE. The want or need for additional accessories need easily install by just plugging it into the already provide PoE port, communication made easy by the addition of a PTMP antenna.

PoE Lighting Smart Pole

Luminetworx™ Smart Pole


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