PoE Lighting Motion Sensor

PoE Lighting Motion Sensor



PoE Lighting Motion Sensor for use with the Luminetworx™ brand lighting control system. The device is powered by 2 AA batteries with a life span of about 5 years of use. Similarly also available is the PoE model. The wireless indoor PoE Lighting sensor sets your lights to turn on and off according to motion detection. Put it at the entrance or corridor and trigger on your desired light modes just by walking by, set it to turn off or to minimum brightness after you leave the room. It controls all the lights in a room and has a motion detection range of up to 3 meters. Set the sensor to trigger different light modes during different times of the day in the app (e.g. warm white in the evening or night light after bedtime).

The sensor is attached to a single room and triggers all lights in that room. You can move the sensor in the app if you want it to trigger lights in another room instead.

Motion Sensor Use case

Imagine walking into a room holding a heavy box. You don’t have to balance the box like a circus performer while you flip a light switch. You’ve already been detected and the lights are on. As you walk toward your destination in a warehouse or office complex the light fixtures only illuminate necessary areas. Therefore leaving the bulk of the fixtures using no energy. After you drop off your package, you head to your office, passing a cubicles flooded in daylight. While light fixtures dim themselves to a low level; the sun now doing their job for them. As you turn into your office, rounding the final corridor, you see the hallway lights dim behind you . The motion sensor detected you leaving their domain. Lastly, your own lights power on as you appear in your space. Consequently adjusting their color temperature to mirror the sun.



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