Luminetworx™ Emergency lighting inverter

Luminetworx™ Emergency lighting inverter



Luminetworx™ Emergency lighting inverter UL924 certified emergency lighting inverter ( 350 Watt / 90 Minute )for use with the BMS controller. And as part of the centralized battery emergency lighting system.

Illuminating the Way to Safety

Luminetworx™ Emergency lighting inverter are Cleaner. Leaner. Smarter.

PoE LIghting UK brings you a  highly efficient UL924 certified inverter. To provide power to lighting fixtures to illuminate the path of egress during an emergency situation. Ranging from 250 VA/W to 500 KVA/KW, we carry the widest inverter offering in the industry. Our certified inverter systems are:

Designed with efficiency in mind. Enhancing the inverter power bridges and battery systems to provide increased power densities.

Our inverters feature compact footprints and modular battery cabinet designs. Allowing them to fit into tight electrical room spaces where real estate is always tight.

PoE Lighting UK inverters have the broadest connectivity offering in the industry. For users who need to monitor their systems within a particular building. We have expanded building management protocols such as:

BACnet MS/TP  | BACnet TCP/IP |  MODBUS RTU  |  MODBUS TCP/IP and everyone is is simple to manage using the Olympus BMS.

Therefore for companies with multiple buildings on one campus or those with multiple properties located throughout the country. As a result PoE Lighting UK brings you cloud technologies that allows users to remotely monitor their systems.


Still have questions? Want to learn more about the Luminetworx™ Emergency lighting inverter or the BMS management systems? Contact us now to speak to a consultant.

Additional information


350 Watt / 90 minute capacity


550 watt 90 minute run time


750 Watt 90 minute run time


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