Fire Panel Monitoring and Alerting System Control Unit

Fire Panel Monitoring and Alerting System Control Unit



PoE Lighting Uk is proud to bring you another great product from Olympus™.  Fire Panel Monitoring and Alerting System Control Unit. The fire panel monitoring system brings transparency to the fire panel. You now have the ability to see every device on the fire panel, all alerts and errors without the need to wait for your fire panel maintenance company.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your building safe is to install a fire alarm. Fire alarms are critical to the safe operation of your business—they help make sure you and your employees are notified of a fire emergency as soon as one arises, giving you plenty of time to evacuate the building and call the fire department.

But what happens if your system is not working as it should? And issues occurs when no one is around to alert the maintenance company in the middle of the night or on a non-business day? To protect your valuable equipment, you need someone watching your business at all times.


Single Point of Truth

End with the purchasing, installation and maintenance of multiple applications for each panel. As a single point brand-agnostic monitoring system, Olympus is the last system you need to monitor all your fire alarm panels.

Improve Insight

With accurate HYPERION messages you know what and where is going on. No more guessing, no more relying on less or more accurate verbal communication.

Reduce Response Time

No matter how severe they are, the events in the fire alarm panel are not something you want to miss. With Olympus real-time monitoring you know something is happening is split second.

The Analysis

Olympus is able to analyze, aggregate and communicate it in a clear form information from thousands of panels to help you make the right decision and focus on the right issues.

Reduce Operating Costs

With Olympus, you know exactly what’s wrong with your fire security installation and your service technician will be able to go immediately with the right parts and tools.


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